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Introducing DIGIT Unified Service Interface

A common service interface for delivery of citizen services


Provide a unified service delivery interface that serves as a single portal through which citizens can access all kinds of services offered by the government.


A review of the current digital governance scenario reveals that multiple citizen service portals are run by various government departments. The result is -
  • inconsistent user experience
  • states face the capacity challenge of maintaining and managing multiple applications
  • non-availability of service delivery data to administrators and policymakers
The evolving digital governance approach has triggered the need for single-point access to all citizen services. This is quite revolutionary in terms of the scope it offers to governing bodies to expand the coverage of their service delivery across demographic barriers.
The DIGIT Unified Service Interface (USI) aims to resolve these challenges and provide citizens with a single interface that links to multiple departments. Citizens can access the services through mobile apps and chatbots that bring the government within hand reach, literally.


The USI combines the following capabilities:
  • Enable access to multiple citizen services through a single interface
  • Promote market players to easily build and deploy products or services
  • Deploy multiple channels of access using web, voice, and chat engines
  • Ensure no loss of data combined with real-time tracking tools


Digital governance platforms like DIGIT host multiple services. Most of these services use common API specifications. The idea is to develop a common API specification for multiple services in order to improve the user experience and accelerate the rate of adoption of citizen services.
The USI will provide a common abstraction layer across local services using the DIGIT platform.
The basic idea is to apply and promote common service delivery standards in order to ensure interoperability within and across government departments at a global scale.
USI Design Concept
In other words, apply a common set of specifications for both the demand and the supply side of service delivery.

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